A people’s politician, a leader of the masses.

Known as the man of the masses, Mr. Sanjay Nirupam is an Indian politician who has served two terms as a Member of Parliament in India and currently serves as the President of Mumbai Regional Congress Committee. He was born in the village of Rohtas, Bihar, India on 6th February 1965. After completing his schooling in Rohtas, he moved to Patna in 1980 for higher studies at A.N College (Anugrah Narayan College). During this time he took a keen interest in active politics & extra circular activities along with completing his graduation in 1984 with a honours degree in arts, political science. He has also been educated at the Magadha university in Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

Fuelled with an aim to work for the interest of the common man and public welfare, Mr. Nirupam moved to New Delhi in 1986 and began his career as a journalist. In 1988, he accepted an offer from ‘Jan Satta’, a sister publication of The Indian Express which made him move to Mumbai. In 1993, he joined ‘Dopahar Ka Samna’ as an executive editor.

Three years later, in September 1996, he began his career as a parliamentarian and since then there has been no stopping him. He has channelized his political experience for the public good and continues to do so. He emerged as a politician with the perfect combination of humanity, sincerity & commitment.

Sanjay Nirupam

A leader who has the mettle to stand for what is right.

Parliament history shows that he always stood for masses selflessly & fought for the public issues on the floor of the parliament such as the UTI Scam in which the then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee offered his resignation to scuttle the whole controversy or the stock market scam in which crores of small investors lost their money. He was against the irrational and blatant disinvestment & privatization policy which was heavily pushed by the then NDA government. At that point of time, his view was that it would lead to the further pauperization of the Indian labour forces, repercussions of which are seen now. He was also vocal against the Naxalite violence gripping the country in most states. He also showed his concerns on the effect of globalization and liberalization on the farmers and the Indian domestic industries.

He was the first person to highlight the irregularity of the sale of Centaur Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai and fought for the rights of the employees. He also vociferously exposed the deal in the parliament & asked for the clarification from Mr.Arun Shourie (the then Disinvestment Minister) who was caught on the back foot. Eventually, he demanded a CBI probe for the transparency on the whole deal which was accepted by the UPA government after two years.

In March 2005, he resigned from the Shiv Sena political party due to some irreconcilable differences.

In April 2005, he joined Congress to work for righteous ideology as a spokesperson. In a very short span of time Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi appointed him as the General Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee [MPCC] the State Unit of the Congress party. He effectively worked as an election observer on behalf of All India Congress Committee [AICC] in the three states of Goa, Gujarat & Nagaland. As a party election observer, he was assigned to organize a party rally and a road show of Shri. Rahul Gandhi.


A public figure who never forgets the society and his people.

He has been and is working on various social issues (education, poverty, employment generation, development etc.) in his constituency for the downtrodden. Free eye camps, youth development programs, tree-plantation, Durga Pooja, Dahi Handi, Maharashtra Day etc. are the various events he organizes to bring together different communities & culture and further strengthen the unity amongst the people.

Since the last ten years, he has been organizing a Wrestling Tournament with top-ranked wrestlers at the international level.

The reputed newspaper, The Indian Express once wrote about him, “He is the one who introduced Chhath Puja to the city of Mumbai which became a part of the festival calendar of Mumbai over a period of time.”


A transparent, honest politician always available for the public.

He is also the first politician who accepted the challenge to take part in the reality TV show Bigg Boss. The general thought among the populace is that there is a lack of transparency in the political class, where as in Bigg Boss he was under the scanner 24x7 with more than 30 cameras watching. Viewers loved him for his simplicity and genuineness, which are some qualities which make a great politician in the 21st century. More than being a politician, Sanjay Nirupam is the face of the people and a leader who wants to lead the country towards development and prosperity.

To say the least he is always and easily accessible to common man through various social networking sites, meetings and at his ‘Jan-Sampark’ office at Borivali in Mumbai.


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